City earns its stripes

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Staff Writer

er-at-zebra-media-launchA HERD of 30 beautiful ornamental zebras galloped into Cape Town today to preach reconciliation, tolerance and peace ahead of the World Cup. The creatures arrived in town for a project by former Western Cape premier Ebrahim Rasool and his new World for All Foundation, and are designed to catch the attention of World Cup tourists in celebration of the “South African miracle”. The zebras will graze at sites around the city, each painted in unique rich colours  by local artists and each offering a famous quote by Nelson Mandela. Quotes such as “ Anger is a temporary feeling-you soon forget it, particularly if you are involved in positive activities and attitudes” and “ I wanted South Africa to see that I loved even my enemies while I hated the system that turned us against one another” will be displayed. Rasool said: “ We thought that the African zebra allows us to warn against a tendency to view everything in terms of simple binaries, in black and white. The zebra should be one of few beautiful things in black and white, while almost everything else, especially human perspective, should learn to find beauty in complexity, in multicoloured dimension.”