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Club de Madrid

Nelson Mandela Foundation

International Union for Muslim Scholars


Our Logo


Organisational Name
To be interpreted as the tag line.

 logo-foundation   Organisational Designation
To be interpreted as a secondary element in relation to the name.
 logo-tree   African Baobab Tree
The traditional site for engagement, dialogue, negotiation, arbitration, etc., under sheltered and safe conditions.

 logo-orange-curve   Orange Curve: Creativity
The creative process of engagement in order to reach the highest ideals of a world for all.
Orange is a colour that is closely associated with creativity, or coming up with new ways of doing things.

 logo-red-curve   Red Curve: Aqaba (the steep or difficult path)
Choosing complexity and resisting clich├ęs.
Red is a powerful and confident colour. A colour traditionally associated with revolution and difficulty.

 logo-green-curve   Green Curve: Rahma (mercy/compassion)
The attitudinal mentality that underpins interaction across differences. A necessary ingredient for human solidarity.
Green colour is to be associated with our compassion and mercy. It also reflects an environmental awareness.

 logo-grey-curve   Grey Curve: Wasatiya (to be most middlemost)
Creates the possibilities of a value-based middleground across markers of difference and allows for the recognition of plurality thus, avoiding extremes.
Grey is the traditional colour associated with neutrality and what is considered to be the middleground.